Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Putting the Weight Back On

Hi all! For the record, you DID read that title right.

Yes, I did put the weight back on, but not literally. I don't think I could do it for real even if I tried.

At the gym this morning, I told my trainer that I hit my 75 pound weight loss milestone (this morning, actually! =D). Guess the first thing he made me do.

That's right. Put the weight back on. Well, not exactly on.

He got two 35 pound kettlebells, made me put one in each hand, and do two laps around the gym holding them. Even though it was 5 pounds less than I lost, it was still really hard to do. By the time it was over, I wanted to cry. I could not believe that just under two years ago, I was literally carrying that weight around 24/7/365! It was such hard work! It was then that I truly realized that I could not put that weight back on to my body ever again. 

Just figured I would share that with everyone! Have a good night!

Kisses and hugs,