Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Foodie Pen Pals: April 2013

Hi, everybody! It's the end of the month, which means Foodie Pen Pals reveal day!

My box this month comes from Kathy, who, believe it or not, was my first Foodie Pen Pal recipient! Small world, huh? ;-)

Anyway, I got my box and it was full of nuts (literally). All of it was Trader Joe's stuff, which was awesome since I really can't get to the one in my area. 

  • Cashew Pieces. Yummy!
  • Mixed Nuts with Peanuts. The bag had (besides peanuts) almonds, pecans, and Brazil nuts. Can't go wrong here!
  • Candied Pecans. One word: Amazing!
  • Sunflower Seeds. I was never really a fan of them, but these were good.
For more information about Foodie Pen Pals (and about how you can sign up for May), check out Lindsay's page over at The Lean Green Bean! =D

Monday, April 29, 2013

2013 Spring Into Summer 5K Training: Week 7

My focus on this week was recovery, which worked well in the beginning, but not so much toward the end. I just listened to my body and ran when it felt good.

Monday: Core + 20 minutes elliptical

Definitely an active recovery day. I did a quick 20 minutes on the elliptical, focusing on maintaining a lower heart rate while staying in motion. After that, I did a core class.

Tuesday: Spin (90 minutes) + Core

Usual Tuesday night routine. I wasn't feeling it at first, but I stuck with it!

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: REST

Friday: 2.67 mile run.

This run had "shakeout" written all over it. Pace was slow (11:54/mile), but at least I ran negative splits, which is something I want to accomplish on race day!

Saturday: Weights + Spin + Core

Only a 60 minute spin on Saturday morning, but I still made every second count! I lifted before, and did a core class after.

Sunday: 2 mile run

This run was unplanned, but it was so nice out yesterday, that I couldn't say no to a run! So I went out for a quick two miles. Pace was about what I want on race day (11:22/mile), but without negative splits. I guess consistency will be the name of the game this week.

Officially in race week! Five days to go, and I couldn't be more excited! I have been waiting for this moment for almost a year, partially for redemption from June, and partially to get back to a race!

Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Spring Into Summer 5K Training Week 6

Six weeks down, two to go, and I'm feeling stronger than ever! =D 

Monday: Core + Kick

Monday's core was not one for beginners! My instructor was testing the October release, and it is definitely an advanced one! As often as I've done core classes, I still felt lost with this one! Kick was tough as well, but I din't feel as lost. Still a solid hour and change of training though.

Tuesday: Spin + Core

My shoulder was sore from kick on Monday, so I didn't get any lifting in like I usually do on Tuesdays. I just did my usual spin and core.

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 3.51 mile run

This run was planned, but the distance was not. It was one of those where I started, and sort of underestimated the distance. So I ran about a mile more than I planned. Oops. Let's just say I was feeling this one for awhile...

Friday: REST

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 2 mile run

Well, this one was a little over two miles. My pace overall was 11:14/mile! I just wanted to let out some adrenaline, and that I did! If I can maintain this, I see myself PR'ing my 5K! 

Overall, I'm happy with this week! Yes, I slacked in the strength training area, but I didn't want to aggravate my shoulder. With less than two weeks to go, I don't want to risk injury of any kind! It's crunch time now, and I'm taking this coming week as active recovery before I hit the final stretch. We'll see how well it goes.

Monday, April 15, 2013

2013 Spring Into Summer 5K Training Week 5

Solid week of training with almost no pain! With just less than three weeks to race day, this is AWESOME!!

Monday: REST

Tuesday: Core + 2.15 mile run

I had a Tuesday off for the first time in ages. I went to the gym in the morning for that core class. I followed that with a 2.15 mile run on the treadmill. I completed that in 30 minutes, and felt strong, but slow. Proof that I hate treadmills. =P

Wednesday: 2.71 mile run

I try not to run on consecutive days, but since I was unsure when I would get another chance to, I decided to go for it. Right choice indeed. I completed this one in 32:05 (11:50/mile). Consistently maintaining a sub 12:00/mile now! Huge for my confidence.

Thursday: Weights + Spin + Core

I skipped Tuesday spin since I had to get the cleats on my spin shoes replaced (but that's another post), plus I knew I was going on Saturday. So, I went to the Thursday class instead. Class was the same as the Saturday before (test release), but with my new shoes. It felt weird, but awesome at the same time. I did weights before and core after.

Friday: REST

Saturday: Weights + Spin + Core

Different spin class than Thursday, but it was still awesome! The format got changed (ten tracks as opposed to just nine), but honestly, I feel like that made the class go faster! I also did my usual weights and core.

Sunday: 2.63 mile run

I broke an 11:00 mile! Okay, barely (10:58), but I still did it! I felt incredibly strong during this outing, and feel myself coming back to where I was last year! I completed this one in 30:09 (11:29/mile pace), putting me within seconds of the pace when I PR'd my 5K last year (11:26/mile). 

As the race gets closer, the weather finally broke, my adrenaline is surging, and my confidence is stronger than ever! I'm right where I want to be, and with 19 days to go, this is a beautiful thing!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 Spring Into Summer 5K Training Week 4

Note to self: DO NOT wait until Tuesday to post the previous week's training log...

As I'm going through training, I have found that three days of running is still a little too much on my body. I find that two days a week still allows me to push myself and not worry about going overboard. On that note, I'm finding my confidence at just about the right time too with just less than four weeks to go!

Monday: 2.54 mile run

I admit, I'm still working on getting speed back, and this run was not my best with a pace of 12:40/mile, but I gave it my all, and that's what counts, right? ;-)

Tuesday: Spin (90 minutes) + Core

Usual Tuesday night routine. 786 calories burned just during spin. Awesome feeling. =D

Wednesday: Weights + Core + 20 minutes Elliptical

I was off work Wednesday, so I took advantage of the day and went to core in the morning (only time my gym has it on Wednesdays =P), and did weights before followed by a quick 20 minute round on the elliptical.

Thursday: REST

Friday: REST

Saturday: Weights + Spin + Core

Spin was BRUTAL on Saturday morning! My instructor was testing the October release, and it was mostly standing climbs! Awesome workout for sure! I also did my usual weights and core as well.

Sunday: 2.56 mile run

This run was much needed, both mentally and physically. Rough day at work, and all I wanted to do was run. Of course, my RunKeeper wasn't working, so I used MapMyRun. According to that, I completed 2.6 miles in just over 30 minutes (11:43/mile). If that is accurate (and I felt like it was), I am within striking distance of my goal pace (11:30/mile)! This was a huge boost for my confidence! =D

Last week was awesome! For the first time in a long time, I felt so strong, both in the gym and on the pavement! With just less than four weeks to go, I am peaking at the right time! =D

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Foodie Pen Pals: March 2013

I know Foodie Pen Pals reveal day was Monday, but sadly, I forgot about it until about 9:30 last night, when I was to tired to write anything coherent. So here is my reveal!

My box from March comes from Nichole, who is also a Jersey girl!

Here's what I got:

  • Cinnamon pita chips. Can't go wrong here!
  • Maple butter. Never tried it, so I can't wait to crack the jar open!
  • Caramel Shortbread. Sticky and sweet, but totally delicious!
Nichole actually gave me the recipe for the shortbread. If I ever have time, I plan on making it myself! It was that good!

To see what I sent, check out Adrienne's blog over at "My Journal. My Eat, Pray, Love Journey!" For more on how to become a Foodie Pen Pal (and even to sign up for April), check out Lindsay's page "The Lean Green Bean!" =)

Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 Spring Into Summer 5K Training: Week 3

Hi, everybody! Happy April, and most importantly, Happy Opening Day for all us baseball fans! =)

Anyway, I forgot to post last week's training log last night, so here it is!

Monday: Strength Training + Core + Kick

The weather was not cooperating for the run I was originally planning on, so off to the gym I went for Monday night kick. Before kick, I lifted for about 20 minutes and did a 30 minute core class.

Tuesday: Spin (75 minutes) + Core

I got a little less time on the bike than I was originally planning on, but I still rocked it! I also did a core class after. 

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 2.68 mile run

I knew it would be too dark to run after I got home from work on Thursday night, so I woke up early and ran before work! Pace was slow (36:26 total, averaging 13:37/mile), but I felt strong and ready to face the world! Or at least the customers at work. ;-)

Friday: REST

Saturday: 3.19 mile run

This run was planned, but the time and distance were not. I ended up running the furthest I have in nearly a year, and my pace was improved from my last couple of runs (39:40, averaging 12:26/mile). While it's not where I WANT to be, I think this is where I SHOULD be, and now I know I can complete the distance again!

Sunday: REST

HUGE improvements in the last two weeks! It was just two weeks ago that I was barely able to complete a 2.91 mile run in 40 minutes! On Saturday, I completed a 5K, plus 0.9 miles in less than that! My cross-training has been awesome too! With just less than five weeks until race day, I have a feeling I will keep improving, as long as I don't go over the edge!

Have a great week!