Saturday, September 17, 2016


After I finished #AP2TheLights back on August 13, the question that crossed my mind was "Would I do this again?"

The answer, "HELL YEAH!" I pushed myself and broke through big time that day. Of course, I didn't break any type of records, but I finished two races on the hottest day of the year. I enjoyed myself and it was awesome to do something that I never would have thought to do in the past. Plus, I had my friend Carol, one of my gym besties, with me for both too.

Since there aren't too many night races around here, a multi-race day will have to wait until next summer. But I am doing something ALMOST as cool next weekend: #Keyport2Rook!

I registered for The Rook Run 5K in Long Branch back in April. That race is on Sunday, September 25. My current PR is on that course, so I wanted to focus my energy on that race and another PR.

Until Keyport announced that the KeyportFest 5K would be on Saturday, September 24. I figured that I already did two races in ONE day, so I can totally do two races in TWO days, right? ;-)

Of course I can! I paid my $22 to enter KeyportFest, and now have my second multi-race weekend not just for the year, but EVER!

I know, nothing about this is normal, but when do I do anything by the book? Almost never. So I decided to make this another awesome race weekend! Hopefully, there will be MUCH lower temps that weekend. Racing with a triple digit heat index is not fun. Although I get bragging rights for finishing both...haha.

Here's the game plan:

KeyportFest 5K
This will be my FIFTH first-time race in 2016! CRAZY! I heard that this course is flat and shaded, with about half a mile on the Henry Hudson Trail and a waterfront finish. If conditions are near perfect, and a near perfect me shows up on race day, a PR is potential. The plan is for this to be the race where I actually race, and it will be a PR attempt.

Keyport to Long Branch
After some time to hang out at Keyport's post-race, it's time to hop in my car, cruise down 36 (since all the bennies will be gone) and hit up the Rook Coffee roastery in Long Branch to pick up my swag for Sunday. I already have the bib, but want to save time on Sunday. Plus, from past experience, race day pickup can be a little, um, insane.

Rook Run 5K
Ain't no party like a Rook Coffee party! Sunday will be the fun run. It will be all about soaking in the ocean views, high-fiving volunteers and spectators, and of course, enjoying some good coffee. I ran this last year and PR'd it, but this year, it will be about my time on the course, not just on the clock.

I can not wait for next weekend! I'm looking forward to an awesome weekend of running and making memories for the books (and the Hopefully, I can get a PR out of it, but either way, it is going to rock! 

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Have YOU done a multi-race weekend?  

Friday, September 16, 2016

Eatontown 5K (Eatontown, NJ)

September is just FLYING by! Next weekend is another epic race weekend (#Keyport2Rook), and I'll post about that tomorrow, but I just wanted to give a quick recap of my last race on Labor Day in Eatontown.

After I finished #AP2TheLights on August 13, I decided I wanted to do another race before The Rook Run (and this was a bit before Keyport was thrown into the mix). Iron Girl was out, due to the $40 price tag this year. I searched the Jersey Shore Running Club's race calendar, and found the Eatontown 5K on Labor Day. $25, including a shirt and a pre and post-race in the Sheraton, which meant "real" bathrooms? Plus my first race on a holiday? Sold!

I realized that this was actually my TWENTIETH race ever. I never thought that I would race ONE 5K, and I was at 20 after four years! CRAZY!

As for my outfit, since we all know that's what matters most at these things (haha), I totally stole Carlee's Rock 'n Roll San Diego half marathon theme: pink and white. This was probably the easiest to put together, since I had everything already, except for the tank. Thanks to the interwebs, that was an easy and fast order.

I HAD to rep the crew while being my awesome sparkly self! ;-)

The race had a decent start time of 9:15, but I still wanted to get to the Sheraton early since check-in was only on race morning. Day of check in is not my fav, but whatever. I got not only the shirt, but a pint glass as well. Throw it with the Little Silver and Iron Girl ones: on my bookshelf never to be touched again. Anyway, after check in, I just tried to stay loose and hope that the wind wouldn't pick up at all. Hurricane Hermine was making somewhat of an impact on the Jersey Shore that weekend, and who knew what would happen on race day. I decided that I wouldn't go for the PR unless I was SUPER close to it, but thought that as long as I finished faster than I did in August, it would be a success. Temps were in the 60's and it was slightly overcast. Oh, and NO WIND! PERFECT running weather!

The 5K walkers went out first, at 8:45, followed by the one mile run at 9. Soon enough, it was go time for the 5K run!

The course was a partial out-and-back going along a main road and some residential areas. I don't have pics of the course this time, since there was really nothing interesting to take pics of. Well, not every race can be in Asbury Park. Haha.

For the billionth time, I went out too fast, and hit my first mile at about 10:40. I pulled it back, and just listened to my body. The goal for this race was not a PR, and I didn't want to make myself miserable the whole time.

My second mile was just over a minute slower, and I decided the goal was to negative split miles two and three. I did that, by about five seconds. Whatever. It's something, right?

One of the awesome perks of this race was hitting the water stop twice, since the course is a partial loop. The water was not in little Dixie cups, but mini Poland Spring bottles. First time I've ever had that at a race!

Next thing I knew, we were making our way back to the hotel and the finish! I sprinted at the end, and crossed the finish with a smile on my face. #20 was done!

My Garmin had me at 35:14 for exactly 3.1 miles, which was the first time I ever had exactly 3.1 for a race. The official time had me only a second slower. So I was off the PR by about 45 seconds. Not too shabby. I felt okay after the whole thing was said and done, and I had a good time, so I call it a win.

 I think I was happy with how I did. ;-)

As I mentioned earlier, the post-race was in the hotel as well. There was a full continental breakfast, and I took a mini bagel and orange juice, since I only need something small after a run. No chocolate milk, which made me a little sad, but it was fine. The spread was nice enough as is, so I couldn't complain. I hung out a little but for the awards and raffles, and didn't win anything, but it was still a nice morning.

Overall, I enjoyed this race. You can't beat the swag or atmosphere for the price! The course was a little quiet and boring at some parts, but not every race can be totally exciting. It was flat though, which is a huge plus. You bet I will be running this one again!