Weight Loss Journey in Pictures

I've been needing to do post a picture tab FOREVER! I have this as a page on my Facebook (feel free to send me a friend request, as I don't have a page for my blog), but needed it on here. So, here's my journey in pictures!

The "Before" pic: April 2007-246 pounds. That was when I stopped looking at the scale. I might have been heavier than that!
December 2009-About 210 (35 pounds gone)
April 2010-199 pounds (47 pounds gone). First time I was below 200 in a long time and haven't looked back since!
September 2010-187 (down 59 pounds)
July 2011-171 (down 75 pounds)

February 2012-164 (down 82 pounds)

June 2013-158 (down 88)
August 2013-151 (95 pounds gone). This was actually on my 28th birthday, the first birthday in about 20 years where I wasn't overweight. I'm not kidding either.
September 29, 2013-142 (total loss of 104). This was the day after I hit my goal.

The before and after pic I posted after I hit goal. It still amazes me to this day.

Once the losing is over, the journey is far from done! Maintaining has been tougher than losing! Still, I've kept off 102 of the 104 I originally lost for seven months now! Here's some pics of my maintenance journey.

Dug up another pic from 2007 and put it alongside one I took a month after I hit goal (three pounds heavier than my smallest).
September 29 on the left (142), October 27 (145) on the right. Three pound difference between the two. Still looking healthy and happy.

February 2014-About 143 or 144. Maintaining for five months at this point, and fit into a size 6 at Old Navy! OMG!!
April 28, 2014-Seven month goal-versary. Two pounds heavier than my lowest, but look at the definition in my arms! I feel so strong and healthy here!
Well, there you go! My weight loss and maintenance journey in pictures! For more of my pics, follow me on Instagram @hoopsfreak03 or on Twitter @Tradledee85!

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