Monday, October 17, 2011

Who's Afraid of 13? Not this girl!

Hi, guys! I know it's been over two months since I last updated, but tonight, I felt more motivation to write.

The last two months, I've been more or less down on myself. I know I've come so far in two years, but there are moments when I still struggle with the self-esteem. I think I sound like a broken record when I say this, but I think it's partially due to never knowing what it's like to feel good about myself. I feel better about myself, of course, but there are times when I still have that insecurity and still wish I was smaller, faster, or yes, prettier, than I am.

However, on Saturday, I hit a turning point. An emotional one.

I went to Kohl's on Saturday afternoon, kind of a spur of the moment shopping trip on the way to get dinner. I went into the juniors' department, just wanting one pair of jeans, not expecting my size to have changed at all. I picked out a few things, including a pair of Candie's flare leg jeans in a size 13, just for kicks.

Those were the first jeans I tried on, and THEY ACTUALLY FIT!! Here's the dressing room pic:

I loved them, then realized they were (obviously) too long, even if I wore my black dress shoes with them. I did try on another pair, a boot cut pair, still a size 13, along with a juniors XL top:

I ended up buying the whole outfit. It cost me $31. This is what I call winning. =D

Saturday showed just how far I've really come, even if I didn't truly realize it. I know I can finish what I started and I will see it through to the end!

Kisses and hugs,


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