Monday, September 24, 2012

I am stronger than I think!!

It took me until Saturday at Fitbloggin to realize this (and I will have a full recap soon, I promise!), but I think this sums up the weekend as well as my journey as a whole:

I am stronger than I think!

During the convention, Reebok had a booth with all sorts of signs that you could write on, and I chose the "I love fitness because..." one. While thinking about what to write on it, I realized that everything I went through to get to this point, both mentally and physically, has made me much more stronger, more than I thought was possible.

So that's what went on the sign.

After I wrote on it, I got my picture with it:

I also made this my profile pic because I'm basically declaring that I am stronger than I ever thought was possible. 

Now that I look back on this weekend, even with my injury, I still got to try two new workouts: Zumba and trampoline camp. I thought I wouldn't be ready to do either of them physically (still sort of healing from my sprained knee), but with a little modification (and some people telling me I could), I got through both and had a blast! 

Tonight, I made my way back into the gym for the first time since I got hurt, and rocked a tough core class! Did I have to modify? Yes, since I still can't quite handle high impact. Did I let that stop me from getting a good workout? No way! 

Mental toughness and strength is as important in this journey as the physical, and these last few weeks especially, as I work to come back from injury, I proved to myself that I am stronger than I think!


  1. Woo! I'm glad you were able to see that in yourself, and are able to work past your injury and your mental blocks. That's awesome!

    1. Thanks, Steve! I think FitBloggin gave me the fighting spirit that I needed after my injury!

  2. It sounds like you had a fantastic time at Fitbloggin'! I wish I could have been there because all the recaps from other bloggers are making me JEALOUS!

    I think we can either be our biggest supporter or biggest enemy when we doubt ourselves! Good for you for choosing to push yourself! :D

    1. Thank you! I think FitBloggin brought the fighting spirit back to me!

  3. This is an awesome picture! I'm just going through my cards from FitBloggin and realized your blog was not in my Google Reader! I fixed that now :) Will be back to catch up on posts! Happy Friday :)