Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Back to Basics: Exercise

It's been a very crazy, yet awesome past few days here! If you follow me on any of my social media pages, you probably know that I hit goal on Saturday (and then some)! My total loss is 104 pounds overall. I'll have a post on that soon (still trying to wrap my head around it), but I do have the recap of the final week of the Back to Basics challenge!

The theme for the final week was exercise! I knew I would rock this week because I am almost always on the move!

While getting the week in motion (no pun intended...hehe), Brooke listed the five benefits of exercise to us:

1) Helps lose/maintain weight
2) Reduces stress
3) Strengthens bones and muscles
4) Make a healthy heart and body
5) Boosts energy

Seriously, this list is a huge motivator for wanting to move more! Whenever I have a stressful day at work, nothing cures it like a good kickboxing or spin class! I also know that after my Centergy class I have more energy (not to mention a little more flexibility).

Anyway, this week was aimed not only on traditional exercising (running, workout DVD's, going to the gym, etc), but also getting in more activity in small ways (taking the stairs, walking in place while watching TV, and making a few trips to bring in groceries).

These were Brooke's challenges to us last week:

1) Write out your exercise plan for the week.
2) Find a way to move 10 extra minutes in your day.
3) Set a goal to exercise three times this week.
4) Try a new exercise.

I (mostly) wrote down my exercise plan for the week. I do a lot of classes, so the workouts were mostly set for me. I could have done better with writing down specific plans for when I did weights on my own. Well, nobody's perfect. I have an active job where I'm on my feet most of the day and constantly moving. So, I nailed that one! I worked out five days this week, which is what I usually do, so I rocked that one as well! Unfortunately, I never got to try a new exercise. Cue the sad face.

I knew I would do awesome last week and I did! Was there room for improvement? Absolutely. Did I let the one bad thing outshine all the good I did? No. I spent way too much time doing that on my journey, and it drove me crazy. I let myself look at what I was weak on, how I could fix it, and move on. In this case, it's having a plan for my solo weight training days before I go into the gym.

Now that the challege is over, I have to write a recap now, don't I? ;-) Don't worry, that's coming up! =)

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