Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back to Basics Recap

Yes, I know Back to Basics has been over for almost a week and a half, but, you know, some awesome stuff (and life) happened, and so this recap got delayed. So, finally, here's my challenge summary!

Below are the links to my recap for each individual week of the challenge:

Week 1: Improving Spaces for Success

Week 2: Tracking

Week 3: Good Health Guidelines

Week 4: Exercise

I had three goals for this challenge:

1) Track, track, TRACK!
2) No sweets Monday-Friday
3) Lose five pounds and finally hit my 100 pound weight loss goal!

I rocked all three goals and am still going strong!

I tracked for the whole month of September and am still tracking. I am now in maintenance mode, but still want to monitor everything. I do best when I see something, so I need to track.

At first, the no-sweets Monday-Friday was killing me, but after the first week, it felt natural. In fact, I think "Treat-End" is going to be sticking around! This girl finally got her sweet tooth under control! =D

Finally...I hit my 100 pound goal! I was actually FOUR pounds under the weight I wanted to hit! I did gain two back last week (stupid hormones), but I'm still under goal. After four long years, I finally became an after!

I seriously can't thank Brooke enough for this challenge! It came along at the right time for me. I was struggling to lose the last five pounds I wanted to hit goal, and just felt kind of stuck. So, I signed up for Back to Basics, set some goals and rocked it in September! Totally awesome feeling!

Well, I couldn't just go into October without wanting to accomplish something, right? So, I set up some new goals for myself.

1) Keep tracking!
2) Stay in goal range. My original goal was 146 pounds, but I went down to 142. I would like to stay in the range of 141-145. Simple enough.
3) Plank-A-Day! I was going strong until the middle of August. I want to get back to it in October! I'm 8-for-8 so far this month!

There you have it. The summary of the challenge that helped me get back to basics and finally become an after. Here's to a rocking October!

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