Sunday, May 4, 2014

April Goals Recap and May Goals

Hi, everyone! Happy Sunday! Hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend with a side of productivity! Or was that just me? ;-)

Anyway, I just wanted to recap my goals from April and share what I'm working on for May!

Here were my April goals:

How did I do? I ROCKED IT!! There were two days in the month where I didn't get a full gallon in and one week where I only did one day of core work due to not feeling 100%. I was awesome the rest of the month! I found out that I can cook and enjoy it! My blogging was mostly Friend Makin' Monday posts, but it got me going again. Oh, and that all it takes is 20 minutes before spin to get some extra weight lifting in!

My reward will be a mani-pedi, which I plan on getting after my 5K on the 17th. After a race, I will need it!

As for May, here's what I'm working on!

1) Plank-A-Day. I was a plank rockstar ages ago, then somehow gave up on it. I will be back on the wagon in May!

2) Drink 100 oz. of water daily. I found that 128 was too much some days. On days when I'm more active (mostly running or spinning days) it's easy, but on others when I'm either resting or only doing my Centergy, it's tough. So I knocked it down to 100. Totally doable.

3) No daily weighing. Confession: I've had weeks where I weigh myself daily. It then messes with my head which makes me miserable. No bueno. I moved the scale to the downstairs bathroom which I almost never use, so there's not as much temptation. It's working so far!

4) Treat-End back in place. Back in September, when I was working toward goal, this was one of the things I did that made me successful. I have since been slacking a bit with it (double chocolate cookie from work on a Tuesday, for example). I want to get back in control before I let my sweet tooth get the best of me! So, no sweet treats Monday-Thursday! I had Friday in this at one point, but decided against it this time. I sometimes split a cookie with my dad on Fridays. ;-)

5) Maximum of three trips to Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks a week combined. This is partially to save me money, partially to keep me from drinking more iced lattes than I should. Plus, I can get coffee at work for free and make my own at home for less. So, I should rock this one.

My reward for May will be an Alex and Ani Lucky Clover bracelet. I've become an A&A fanatic, and the Clover is the one I've had my eye on for a long time. However, it's $10 more than the rest that I want, so I decided that I had to earn it!

How did April go for you? What are you working on in May?

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