Sunday, June 1, 2014

May Goal Recap and June Goals

Happy June, everyone! I can't believe how fast this year has gone already! Whew!

Since it's June 1, I figure I should probably recap how I did with my May goals, huh? ;-) Well, in case you forgot what they were, here you go:

How did I do? Only FREAKING AMAZING!! Got my 100 oz. of water in every day, avoided the scale except for once a week (Still maintaining!), limited the coffee trips (and enjoyed the few I had even more than usual), and planked every day! I did break Treat-End once, but it was on my nephew's birthday (and even that was only a tiny piece of cookie cake). Oh, and I PR'd my 5K on the 17th! Yes, I know that wasn't on my list, but after two years, I knew it was a matter of time before it happened.

Anyway, since my May was so stellar, I think I earned my Lucky Clover, no? Well, I hopefully will get it next weekend! I've been wanting it forever and it will finally be mine soon enough!

After some thought, I decided on some goals for June. Some health related, some just stuff I want to work on. Here you go:

1) Limit soup to three days a week. I work at Panera. Home of awesome broccoli cheddar soup. Also home of awesome lemon chicken orzo which I eat almost EVERY day. Yes, it's low calorie and low-fat. However, it's also HIGH in salt (along with almost every other soup). So I decided that I need to cut back a bit. Plus, it'll let me enjoy some other foods more.

2) No weigh-in AT ALL for the month. You heard that right, folks! I've been maintaining for eight months now, and need to feel less tied down to the scale. So, I weighed myself on Friday, know where I stand, and don't plan on weighing again until July 4 (I weigh in either Friday or Saturday, and the first Friday of July is on the 4th).  This will be a test for sure, but one that I think needs to happen.

3) Back to measuring everything. I've fallen off this wagon a little bit. Yes, I'm still maintaining, but I've become a little lax about portioning (especially with my milk and peanut butter). The measuring cups, spoons, and food scale are coming out to play again!

4) Plan my solo weight training workout and write it down. I've gotten MUCH better with solo weight training. I actually get in the gym before Tuesday night spin and do it! As for planning it...not so much. So, I need to plan out my moves in writing and take the list with me to the gym. This way, I can make notes and see what works best! Note: I don't plan on writing a set weight down before the workout. What weight I use will depend on how I'm feeling that given day.

5) Put at least $25 in savings. Originally, I was going to work on a budget, but since I don't have a fixed income, this wouldn't be the best option at the moment. So, I decided to put a little money into savings instead. I have two paychecks in June (I get paid every two weeks), and only $12.50 each check should be doable, no? I think so!

Oh, and I guess I should get a reward for all this, right? ;-) Well, I decided to buy myself Coldplay's "Ghost Stories" album as an MP3 download after I rock this month!

So, there you go! My goal for the month is pretty much to get back to basics, and I think I set the right plan in place for that!

Happy June, everyone!

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  1. Good luck! and I just bought the album and I love it!