Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Recap and March Goals

Or, as I should say "How February Sucked and Here's How I Plan to Make March Better."

You read that right. My February was an epic fail.

First off, EVERYONE in my house was sick! Started with my mom, then I wound up with a bad cold, followed by my sister's husband and my nephew with bronchitis and/or pneumonia, and finally, my dad was in the hospital last week with double pneumonia. How he pulled that one off, I can't say. Anyway, everyone is at least starting to feel better, and we're back to being as normal as things get here.

Second, the weather was awful. I know, I live in the Northeast and we can't have sunshine, 70+ degrees, and rainbows all year, but it just seemed to be a case of "Snow, snow, and a little more snow." Not as bad as New England, but it was enough to make everyone miserable. Spring is coming though! Rita's opens tomorrow, and the Yankees start training games on Tuesday! See, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! ;-)

Well, being sick and crappy weather put a damper on my February goals. Meh. Here's what I set out to accomplish on February 1:

Here's what actually happened:

1) Six days a week of at least 10,000 steps. FAIL! The one sick week I had sent this one down the toilet. I think I got 10,000 about 15 days. Well, at least it's something.

2) Meal prep one week. Another bust. I could have this earlier in the month. Did I? Nope. No one to blame here but me.

3) Three days a week of core work. Hit and miss here. I got it in two weeks of the four. Still trying to get back into a routine here.

4) Comment on five or more blog posts a week. Something I actually accomplished! This was the easiest thing to do, and it helped me enjoy reading blogs more! I think I'll stick with this!

5) Create a new weight training routine. Yes and no. I found some new workouts (Thank you, Pinterest), but haven't gotten a chance to do them. Eh, there's always next month.

So, needless to say, there will be no new workout skort for me. Oh well. Life happens.

Tomorrow's March 1, and that means a new set of goals to crush! Here's what I came up with for the month:

1) Meal plan one week. I didn't do this in February, so I'm going to make it happen in March! I may not get to prep food, but of I have a set menu, I'm at least going in the right direction.

2) Hit 10,000 steps 25 days. With 31 days in March, this is realistic! It allows me to have a few "off" days while making sure I stay moving most of the month!

3) Register for two 5K's. Spring is coming, people! With that means running season is almost here! Races will be popping up and I want to have at least two to work toward this season. I already have a few in mind, but I'm not telling until I register!

4) Drink 100 ounces of water daily. This needs to happen again! I've been slacking, and I feel it! Breaking out Plant Nanny again and tracking every drop. On a positive, I have been consistent with drinking 16 ounces before I drink coffee in the morning!

5) Complete a squat challenge. Just looking for something different to challenge myself. I found PopSugar's squat circuit challenge on Pinterest, and I think that's the one I'm going with. It has four different types of squats, a reasonable number of reps, plus rest days!

Okay, since I'm going to make this month rock, I guess I should get something, right? ;-) I decided on a "Run Far Girl" shirt. I've seen a few of the pieces and I love them all. Something new to wear for a race or in the gym? I'm going to make one mine this month!

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@Tradledee85 on both) to see how I'm doing this month! If you don't see something, say something! I'm open to tough love!

How do you plan on making March rock?


  1. I hope the weather in March cooperates with you a bit more.

    1. Me too! May races will be here soon enough, and I want to run OUTSIDE!!

  2. February definitely sounded like it was rough, but March brings us hope of spring like weather. Hopefully all this sickness and snow and WINTER will come to an end. Looking forward to seeing how you do with your March goals. Keep after it!

    1. Thank you! I'm solid four days in, and hoping to keep it going!