Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Recap and February Goals

Happy February! Hope this month finds us less snow! For those in the Midwest and New England, I hope Winter Storm Linus isn't too harsh on y'all.

I set some goals in January. In case you missed them, here they are:

Here's how I did:

1) Go one social media free day a week. REALLY good with this. I did have one week where I was online every day (Damn you, Juno!), but I did find that going offline was nice. I might be taking an "offline" day every once in awhile now.

2) Place $40 into savings. Nailed it! $20 each paycheck, and I have an extra $40 saved up! It's nice to see that money grow. Not sure what I want to use it for, but it will be worth it!

3) Read one book. I am in the process of finishing Pat Conroy's My Losing Season. If you're a sports fan, especially basketball, check it out. It's Conroy's memoir with an emphasis on The Citadel men's basketball team's 1967-1968 season. So worth a read.

4) Try one new-to-me workout. Check! I tried a workout from the Nike Training Club app called "Perfect Score." From my initial look at it, I was expecting a strength training workout with a little bit of core work. What did I get? A core-heavy workout with a little bit of strength training. Still a good workout and something I would do again.

5) Bake something healthy AND from scratch. Did it! I baked Skinnytaste's Double Chocolate Walnut cookies! They weren't the softest ever, but they still didn't taste too bad! I call that a win!

As you can see, I wasn't perfect, but I still did awesome! I did order myself a Momentum bracelet yesterday, and even got it customized! You'll have to keep an eye on my socials to see the final product! ;-)

Well, since January's over, I guess I have to get some new goals for February, right?

Of course I do! Here they are:

1) Six days a week of at least 10,000 steps. I got a Fitbit on January 2, and hit 10,000 or more 20 days last month. Just looking to up the game!

2) Meal prep one week. This needs to happen big time. I slack on the planning and sometimes end up making not-so-good choices. I decided to plan my meals one week this month and see what happens. I might end up doing it more!

3) Three days a week of core work. Core work has been slacking. I found a few workouts on Pinterest to supplement my Core classes. A little planning, and this should rock!

4) Comment on five or more blog posts a week. I do a lot of reading, but not so much commenting. I want to change that this month. Hello, interaction!

5) Make a new weight training routine. I'm in a rut with my solo weight training. Just looking to change a few things to do when I'm on my own. Again, Pinterest will come in handy here!

As for a reward? New workout skort! I want something cute to wear in the gym for Power classes or solo workouts. Because, let's face it, capris get boring. ;-)

What about you? What are you planning on working on in February?

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  1. I love the commenting one, because that is so achievable and I think will help you grow your blog too.