Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I'm a Momentum Ambassador!

Hey, everyone! Like the title of this post says, I just wanted to share with you all that I am a Momentum Jewelry ambassador!

Now you may ask, "What is Momentum Jewelry?"

The simple version, according to the website: "Function + Inspiration = Momentum: Motivational Fitness Jewelry."

For the full story, check out their "About Us" page here.

I saw the pieces on Twitter and Instagram, and actually bought a few for my awesome gym girls as gifts. They LOVED them!

Of course, I bought my own. I wanted a custom one for my first piece, and knew exactly what I wanted.

Totally fitting, right? ;-)

I love that the bracelets are designed to be able to be worn during activity, and I tend to look at them when I feel like I'm not having my best workout or just when I'm not in a happy mood.

Letting the bracelets remind me to be MY best and not worry about anything else. =)

Since I got selected to their Champion level of ambassadorship, I got two bracelets, a foot note, and a necklace. Here's the full package of pieces:

I love all of them, and they each have a different reminder for me. 

In exchange for all of this awesome jewelry (as well as 40% off two orders), all I have to do is post ten pictures to my social networks. 

Like this one here I posted on Sunday:

I love this company, and am so thrilled to be representing them for the next five months! 

If you're interested in getting some functional and fashionable motivation, check out Momentum's site and pick something out! They have something for everyone, and if you don't see a saying that suits you, you can make your own! The pieces are reasonably priced, and with the holidays coming up, they also make awesome holiday gifts!

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P.S.-If you sign up for their newsletter, you get deals and product info e-mailed to you a few times a year!

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