Monday, November 30, 2015

#MotivateMe Monday: Back Into the Groove

This is my first ever #MotivateMe Monday post, and I hope to continue these in the future! I love looking back on the previous week and seeing what worked (or didn't) while setting the tone for a new week! Join the linkup with Janice and Rachel too! More details are on their blogs!  

Blogging has, once again, taken a back seat to that damn thing called real life. Meh.

My dad has been in and out of the hospital for the last month, mostly with his meds being out of sync. It looks like everything is in balance now, and hopefully with it staying that way!

Also, I got sick a week and a half ago. I thought I had a bad head cold, but when it started to not clear up after a few days, I got checked out. Turns out I had a sinus infection. Not contagious, but enough to make me miserable.

Work has been work. You know, same boring thing every day. I'm one of those people who always has to be doing something, and always feel like I can do more. I don't always get to, but at least I'm still going there.

All this has meant healthy living has taken a little detour. I haven't been eating the greatest, with eating almost nothing for two days while I was sick. Water was also an issue for a few days. I was living off of soup, hot tea, and orange juice. Not cool. I was also out of the gym for a week, and was just plain miserable as a result. 

So, instead of letting the pity party go on, I decided to do something about it!

Food is simple: Be consistent with my tracking, eat veggies at least once a day, get as close to my calorie goal as possible (One of my problems is not eating NEARLY enough), no soup, and no beer or sweets until the weekend (fruit and yogurt are cool). Oh, and get back to my water! I usually do about 80 ounces a day, and want to get my intake back up there!

As for the workouts, I need to get consistent with them too! I have been MAJORLY slacking in the mind-body department, and know that it really helps with my spirit and keeps me from getting tight (especially with my hip flexors)

Here's the plan:

*Monday-Core and Ride Fight (Needed to change it up!)
*Thursday-Yoga or REST
*Friday-Power and 20-30 minutes easy/moderate cardio
*Saturday-Core and Centergy
*Sunday-R30 and Power 

In addition to this, I am setting goals again for December. October did not go as well as I hoped, and I didn't actually set goals for November. Real life got in the way, and I kind of forgot about the goal thing.

Here's to getting things in control before I let life control me again!

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  1. Have a great week Tracy and thanks for linking up! Enjoy your cycle today :)