Friday, August 31, 2012

Foodie Pen Pals: August 2012

Hi, all! Happy Foodie Pen Pals Reveal Day! =D

My box this month comes from Shannon at Edible Obsessions. She said in the note that she got me a lot of stuff that can travel easily, since I was running a lot. Let's take a look at what came in the box:

  • Coconut water. I honestly have yet to try it, but can't wait to!
  • Dried fruit bars (2 strawberry, 2 boysenberry). One word: Yum!
  • Chocolate Cherry Kind bar. Also yummy.
  • Balsamic glaze. Good for chicken or steak, but a little goes a long way. ;-)
  • Peppermint gum. Gum is always a good thing.
  • Zucchini relish. Never tried zucchini, so this will be interesting to say the least.

Another month I'm happy with my box. All stuff I would not have thought to get myself, and that's the beauty of this program! For more info, and to sign up, check out Lindsay's page over at The Lean Green Bean! =)

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