Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back to Basics in September!

Hello, friends and readers! September has arrived, and with that comes back to school, cooler weather, and in the case of myself and many others, a return to basics!

The amazing Brooke of Brooke: Not on a Diet started this challenge, and I saw the link for it on Emily's Facebook page. Both women are at different stages in their own journeys, but have struggled lately as well. In fact, Brooke and Emily came up with this challenge together. After seeing the link on Emily's page, I signed up. I hit a mini-plateau over the last few weeks, and decided this was the push I needed.

The challenge is Weight Watchers centered (as both Brooke and Emily are WW members), but is also open to non-members as well, as the topics (tracking, exercising, etc.) are good for everyone to work on. The group is over 200 people strong, and it's amazing to see everyone rooting each other on!

Brooke asked us to write down a goal for ourselves and a reward for completing that goal during the challenge. I managed to come up with three (two originally, and adding a third in a few days ago):

1) Track everything! I have been slacking in this regard, and I want to be
    more mindful of what I eat.
2) No sweet treats during the week. I am putting "Treat-End" into place. No
    cookies, fro-yo, brownies, etc. Monday-Friday. I tend to eat something
    sweet once a day, and want to make the treats just that: treats.
3) FINALLY hit my goal of 100 pounds lost! I mean, it's been just over four
    years. I want to be an "After!"

My reward for the first two goals is buying myself season 1 of Perception on DVD. It's one of my fav shows, and I would love to rewatch from the beginning. As for my reward for hitting goal...still working on it!

Here's to getting Back to Basics and making goals happen in September!


  1. I've never heard of Perception before, I'll have to look into it!

    Getting to the 100 pound mark would feel amazing. YOU CAN DO IT! :)

    1. Perception is a must-watch! It's a crime drama that can be crazy and strange at times, but so awesome!

      As for the 100 pounds, I'm so close (about five to go) that it's so within reach, but is the most stubborn to go! Thank you for the cheers! =)