Saturday, March 21, 2015

MIA, Some Reassessing, and Other Ramblings

This post may go off as a bit ramblish as the title hints to. You've been warned. ;-)

Happy Saturday and Happy First Full Day of Spring! Although the weather here in Jersey says otherwise. Snow is still on the ground here from last night. I mean, REALLY?! Okay, who pissed off Elsa?!

Anyway, I haven't been blogging as much lately as I've been doing some soul searching and reassessing a few things.

Work has been crazy lately. Then again, in food service, it is more often than it's not. However, we're going audit crazy and I feel like one little mistake, and poof. All the hard work is down the tubes. I know, it's not all about one person, but the team as a whole. However, I'm one of the higher ranked employees, and feel like there's more pressure on me because of that. Eh, it'll be over soon enough. One of these days I'll learn.

One of my monthly goals was to drink 100 ounces of water a day. I made it 15 days before I realized that I was feeling the effects of that much water. In a nutshell, it was too much for my body. So, I looked up how much to drink, and figured out that I should be at about 72 ounces (half of my body weight), and decided to ballpark between 70-80. I've been doing this since earlier in the week and I'm feeling much better. Plus, it allows me to drink an iced tea once in awhile too. =)

Over the last few weeks or so, I've realized that I'm a perfectionist who will never be perfect and needs to stop trying to be. I don't have a size 2 body and probably never will. I love cookies and French fries. I can't whistle. I will never be the fastest runner in a 5K. Okay, enough self-pity. You get the idea. ;-) Point is that I may be just average on the surface, and far from perfect, but I can be the best ME I can, and that will be just fine. Whoever doesn't like it, it's their loss. Time to let it go and be happy with the me I am!

Okay, enough with the blah-blahs here. Time for some fun updates!

First, if you haven't noticed on the sidebar, I'm going to Fitbloggin' this year! I bought the ticket last week, and am so excited! It'll be my first since 2012, and can't wait to see everyone! Just waiting on the extra money (taking an extra week's pay instead of a second week off work), and I can get my flights booked! I can't wait!

Second, I signed up for my TENTH 5K! It's going down on May 16 at my fourth straight Spring Into Summer! This course is one of my favorites, and it's big but not overwhelmingly huge. Something else I can't wait for!

Third, I went bracket-free for March Madness this year and it's making watching the tournament more fun! Okay, maybe if UConn was in it, it would be, but still, I'm enjoying watching basketball just to enjoy it! See, this whole letting go thing is working already! ;-)

Whew! I think I said everything I wanted to in this post! Here's to a Happy Spring to you all!

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