Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Recap and April Goals

Hello, world! I can't believe tomorrow's April already and Saturday starts Final Four weekend! Who do you all have winning? I'm rooting for Duke on the men's side and my beloved UConn on the women's. Looking forward to an awesome weekend of basketball!

Anyway, since tomorrow starts a new month, I guess I should recap this one, huh? ;-) Here was what I wanted to do in March:

Here's how I did:

1) Meal plan one week. Planning took some work, but I did make a plan. Execution was about 75%. Not the greatest, but better than nothing. I may give this another shot in the future. Baby steps, right?

2) Register for two 5K's. Half accomplished. I signed up for one (Spring Into Summer on May 16). My race schedule is planned though, and after my next paycheck, I plan on signing up for others.

3) Hit 10,000 steps 25 days. NAILED IT! I hit my 25th day last night, and it's looking like I'll hit 26 today! Woo hoo! I think I may strive for this every month now. It's not hard if you think about it...or have a job on your feet eight hours a day...haha. ;-)

4) Drink 100 ounces of water daily. I made it 15 days, then started to realize that 100 ounces is simply too much for my body. After some calculating, I figured about 70-80 will suit me fine. I stuck with that and it works.

5) Complete a squat challenge. I made it about 20 days. Still, in that time, I felt a difference! This is something that I may try again as well. Just not in April.

So, since this month was not the greatest, I'm not buying the shirt I planned on. I did get two Sparkly Soul headbands to help support my friend Dani's Boston Marathon fundraising efforts, and taking that as the reward for what I did, plus discovering what worked for me too.

I already have a fresh set of goals which I started working on. Here they are:

1) Write and post three daily positives about myself. I'm a perfectionist who is working on being less perfect. I tend to dwell on the negative and focus less on the positive. Hoping to turn that around in April. Thanks to Dani for giving me the idea!

2) Complete a 30 Day Ab Challenge. The squats may not have worked, but the abs are worth a shot! I found this challenge on Pinterest, and it's from 30 Day Fitness Challenges. It looks realistic but challenging. Bring it on! 

3) Limit my coffee out to three days a week. I was good with this for a bit, then Rook Coffee opened up about 10 minutes away from me. In fact, I went there twice in one weekend. My wallet hates me. All that money does add up. Knocking it back down to three trips a week will allow me a treat while still saving some money. I do have a Mr. Coffee with K-Cups, so I can still get my Dunkin fix at home for a fraction of the cost. My wallet will thank me. ;-)

4) Back to Treat-End ONLY. Maybe it will stick this time! I do good with it, then I break down. Hello, Free Ice Cream Day was on March 16! Anyway, back to limiting sweets and alcohol to Friday-Sunday. I'm extending this to include any sweetened drinks like lattes and smoothies at work, but not chocolate milk. Hey, it's a better recovery drink than Gatorade!

5) Try one new recipe. Just looking to make something new! Skinnytaste and Runner's World have a ton of yummy looking options! 

My reward will be $15 in music downloads! I'm always looking for new music and this will be an awesome treat!

Well, that's how March went down and how I plan on buckling down and rebuilding me in April!

How about you? Do you have anything planned to make April awesome?

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  1. I love the 3 positives, such a great idea.