Tuesday, April 21, 2015

20 Random Facts About Me!

Hi, all! Spring has finally arrived to the Jersey Shore! Beautiful weather means more outdoor running and trees starting to bloom! Yippee!

Today is a rest day for me though, and after seeing my friend Carlee's "20 Facts About Me" post on her blog, I decided to do one of my own!

1) I have one sister, who is five years younger than me, with a (almost) two year old son. 

2) I can't whistle.

3) I've been a New York Rangers fan for three years. Started with the 2012 playoffs and I've been sucked in since. Not too hard when your parents have been fans for decades.

4) I have four pillows on my bed, but I only sleep with two. 

5) I hated coffee until I was almost out of college, and now I can't live without the stuff.

6) I have spent six years living healthy through eating good food and exercising (four and a half losing weight, and one and a half maintaining).

7) My birthday is on August 7 (8/7...me being a number dork...haha).

8) I actually enjoy cooking.

9) I own nine Alex and Ani bracelets. My first was the compass and my most recent was the teddy bear.

10) I have ran nine 5K's and will be going for my tenth on May 16.

11) I don't share peanut butter too well.

12) My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.

13) I own 37 Sparkly Soul headbands. I'm not obsessed or anything. ;-)

14) I've seen every Pixar movie at least once, with my favorite being Brave.

15) I have been a college basketball fan for 15 years, with UConn being my main team. I also like Duke on the men's side and Oklahoma and Maryland on the women's. 

16) I love most types of music, with my current favorite being alternative, especially Coldplay and Bastille.

17) My favorite workout is spinning.

18) I know pretty much every line to the movie Independence Day

19) I don't sleep past 7:00 in the morning very often. 

20) I've only had two jobs in my life, working nine years at the first and recently hit three with the second. 

What is one fact about YOU?

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