Saturday, May 30, 2015

First Trip to Yankee Stadium!

Confession: I love sports. Shocker, I know. ;-) If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram I make this kind of obvious, especially with the Rangers so far into the playoffs. 

So when my dad told me he won tickets to see the Yankees, you know I was excited! I haven't been a fan all that long (going on six years), so getting to go to my first game was exciting!

The game was on Tuesday night, and the Yanks were playing the Kansas City Royals, to whom they gave a home run clinic to the day before.

Since my dad won the tickets just the week before, they would be held for us at the stadium. My only hope was that they weren't bleacher seats. I know, I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but a girl can hope, right?

Well, we didn't get bleacher seats. We were actually one level up from the field, in section 210!

After we picked up the tickets, it was a wait in line to get through security and get into the stadium. That took a few minutes, and went through no problems (well, minus my collection of Alex and Ani bangles...haha). Once that was done, we were FINALLY in the stadium!

Hello, House That George Built!

Of course, anyone who goes to Yankee Stadium MUST make Monument Park part of the trip! They open it with the gates and keep it open up to 45 minutes before the first pitch.

Yankees who played before I knew what baseball was.

Well, it was a very short walk through, and sadly, the Bernie Williams monument wasn't up yet. I wasn't surprised, since his ceremony was on Sunday night, but it would have been cool to see it up close!

I did get a picture next to Mariano Rivera's monument though, since he was one of my favs and only the all-time greatest closer ever. Of course, I was directly in the sun, and my eyes were pretty much squinted shut here. Sunglasses next time! 

Gotta go to Mo! ;-)

Once my dad and I were done in Monument Park, we made our way to our seats. The view was awesome! Not too bad for giveaway seats, huh? ;-)

Gorgeous view! 

First pitch was a little after 7, but before the game, there was a ceremony for a member of the Wounded Warrior Project who walked from George Steinbrener Field (Yankees Spring Training base) in Tampa to the Stadium in the Bronx to raise money for the cause. So awesome to be there for that moment. Kind of wish I had pictures, but I just wanted to soak it in, so the phone and iPod stayed put.

After that ceremony, the National Anthem was sung by a local choir, the first pitch was thrown, and then it was game time!

In between innings, I splurged and got some cookies and cream Dippin' Dots. I try not to eat sweets during the week, but my first trip to the Stadium is a special occasion, right? ;-)

Dippin' Dots are AWESOME!

The game itself went very fast, and the Yankees won 5-1. Not the home run derby from the previous day, but still a good game. My phone and my iPod both died (Lesson-Invest in a portable charger!), so I just soaked in the experience and enjoyed it all. 

You know nothing is complete without a selfie, so I got the perfect one before the game ended.

Now my first trip to the Stadium is official. ;-)

Oh, and of course I had to add a Yankee Stadium bracelet to my Alex and Ani collection! 
#CharmedArm at the Stadium with my newest bangle!

After the game, my dad and I made it back to Manhattan and waited outside Penn Station and watched the Rangers on the Jumbotron outside Madison Square Garden with at least three dozen other people. (They won on Tuesday, but sadly lost last night.)

Eventually, we got on the train to come home, and my awesome night was over. Hope to get to more games in the future! Yankee Stadium is totally awesome!

Have you been to any sporting venues? Which is your favorite or "Must Go To?" Besides the Stadium, I love Madison Square Garden, and have several "bucket list" baseball stadiums and college arenas!

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