Monday, June 1, 2015

May Recap and June Goal

Hi, everybody! When the hell did it get to be June? This year is just FLYING by!

Well, guess that means I should recap May, no?

Here were my goals for this month:

Here's how I did:

1) Plank-a-Day. NAILED IT! I went from struggling to rocking a 3:30 straightarm last night! Maybe the habit will stick this time? We'll see...

2) Put $1 for every workout into a saving jar. This worked for a bit, then fell to the wayside.

3) Hit 11,000+ steps twice a week. ROCKED IT! I did this every week, and there were some weeks I was over the 12,000 mark on those days! Go me!

4) Try one meatless recipe. FAIL! I didn't do as much cooking as I liked, and never got to try anything meatless. Oops...

5) Write two "non-fluff" blog posts. YES! I wrote my 5K recap and my Yankee Stadium experience. I'll call this a win!

So, I decided to hold off on the shirt as a result of not going in the direction I wanted to this month. Besides, the Rangers lost, so I wasn't getting one anyway.

I decided for June that I'm not focusing on several goals, but one big one.


I still struggle with focusing on the good things instead of the bad, even though I have gotten better with it. So, for June, I decided to take on another round of the #30DaysofPositivity. I found it hard on some days to come up with three, especially without repeating any. I decided to take this a different way this round. I'm going to post two: one thing about myself and one bright spot in my day. I may do this as either a Textgram or a photo collage, depending on the day. Totally doable. Plus, I loved the feeling of going to bed on a happy note, so why not go for it again? Anyone coming with me? 

As for my reward: Either an Alex and Ani bracelet or a pair of Momentum Jewelry footnotes! I have ten Alex and Ani pieces as well as two Momentum bracelets. Positivity breeds positivity! 

Hope your June is awesome! I know mine will be! Fitbloggin' bound in 24 days!

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