Sunday, September 27, 2015

October Goals!

Hi, everybody! Hope your weekend has been awesome and your teams are doing better than my Dolphins, who are getting humiliated by Buffalo. Meh. Hockey season is right around the corner anyway. ;-)

I was doing some thinking, and realize that I have lost focus a bit. I let myself use the excuse of wanting to focus on work and going after a promotion to let monthly goals slide. Well, last Friday I got the promotion and am now a Key Zone Leader at work! Basically, I can do stuff that managers do, like card swipes for the associates and prepare deposits, but I can't be in the store alone or pay bills. Hey, it's a step forward! I'm in a good spot and happy with it.

Anyway, since I got what I was going after at work, it's time to get back to focusing on ME! I am reinstating monthly goals, starting with October!

Here's what I'm working on:

1) Two new recipes. I'm in a food rut BIG time! I live off of food from work and a few more meals out than I'd like. Not cool. While I still plan to eat at work while I'm there, I plan to do a little more experimenting in the kitchen at home. Plus, cooking can be fun!

2) Read one book. Yeah, I haven't been reading much lately. I bought myself Shopaholic to the Stars, and hoping to get it read in October!

3) Track CONSISTENTLY. There are days where I start off good...then forget to put anything else in the tracker. I'm going to set myself reminders to keep from track-a-lackin! How else am I supposed to keep 100 pounds off? 

4) Blog one to two times a week. Hopefully I can come up with some more stuff other than two race recaps and Playlist Thursdays. Suggestions are welcome! =)

5) Two days of 11,000+ steps a week. Just want to move a little bit more! I've been barely hitting 10,000 most days! 

As for my reward? This Sparkle Athletic skirt! I've been wanting it forever, but never felt like I should get it. This WILL change in October!

There you have it! Getting back to focusing on ME in October! I have two 5K's coming up, and while I plan to rock both, I won't forget the basics and the goals I have set! 

What are YOU working on in October?

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