Thursday, April 1, 2010

Success is a Journey, Not a Destination

I once heard the saying "Success is a journey, not a destination." This is so true in my weight loss journey. Every success, no matter how big, or small, is a step forward in the right direction.

The best one so far, and probably the one that matters most, is being able to do so much more physically than I was able to this time last year. Before I started losing weight, I couldn't even do 10 minutes of exercise without needing a rest. Now, I can go for 30-40 minutes without stopping!

My favorite success, and the most expensive (lol) is being able to fit into practically anything I want. As a result, I constantly want to go clothes shopping now, even though I know I'm going to need new clothes in a few months anyway. For example, I went into Old Navy and bought myself a pair of skinny jeans in a size 16. I don't remember the last time I even FIT into a size 16, so that put a huge smile on my face. And I always said that I would never wear skinny jeans, so to wear them and feel great in them is amazing.

The best was when I went into Kohl's and Target and was able to buy size 17 shorts (including my first ever pair of short shorts! :-D) from the juniors department. Of course, everything I bought is just a LITTLE tight, but when I lose another five pounds, it will all fit perfectly! That was the best feeling in the world. I know that it sounds a little silly, but when you're wearing women's plus sizes from 13 years old, fitting into junior sizes is GREAT! :-)

The greatest though is feeling better about myself. For so many years, I had almost no self-esteem. I was miserable and felt like I was nothing. However, I now realize that I AM worth it, and will continue to do so. I may have bad days, but hopefully they will be few and far between.

I have lost a total of 47 pounds in seven and a half months. Even though seeing the scale go down is a success itself, I have come to realize that success is more than just a number on the scale. It's being able to do more, fit into more kinds of clohes, and feeling a lot better about yourself. I still have a way to go (another 43 pounds), and yes, I will have my ups and downs, but each success will be worth it!


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