Monday, March 5, 2012

5K Training: Pre-Training

Hi, all! As I posted a week or two ago, I decided to run my first ever 5K on May 19. I didn't want to start training too early, but decided that I (mentally) can't wait anymore! I'm starting this week! I'm actually excited about this. I can say that I haven't had this excited feeling about anything in a long time.

I will be using the Zen Labs C25K Trainer Free app on my iPod touch. Everything is programmed within the app, it lets the user play music of his or her choice, and is the only app that works accurately when my iPod is locked (which I do often to save battery). However, it does not integrate distance into it, so I'm looking into buying a heart rate monitor that does. If I do, that's awesome. If not, I can always use the Nike + iPod app on my iPod.

My program is only an 8 week program. I'm just under 11 weeks to the race, but I did this intentionally. With starting this early, I can allow myself time to stay on a level for additional time if I need it (which I have a feeling I will, especially the first week or two).

On that note, week 1's training is three 30 minute workouts alternating walking and running. I plan on doing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'll see how it goes, and if I feel comfortable, I'll move on next week. If not, I'll stay on this level for another week.

Gotta run (literally and figuratively)! =)



  1. YOU GO, girl!! You and I are going to run together at the 5k at Fitbloggin right? :) I'm hoping for it to be my first ever "run all the way through" 5k!!

    you can do this!

  2. @Emily-I plan on it! Depending on if I do one in August too, it'll either be my second or third! We got this! =)