Sunday, March 11, 2012

5K Training: Week 1

Hi, all! I started my 5K training this week (10 weeks before the race). It started off a little slow, but by my third training day, I felt great!

I'm incorporating strength training as normal (3 times a week), and my regular cardio (elliptical/summit trainer) as much as possible, since I don't want to be burned out before the race starts. I'm also forcing myself to take one full rest day a week. For those who know me, I usually take one active rest day. That will not be the case while I'm training for the race.

Here's how the week went:

  • Monday-First 5K training run. It was rough, but I finished it. My only thought was "Glad I started training now. It's going to be a long 10 weeks." 
  • Tuesday-Level 1 of Biggest Loser Boot Camp. I ended the 20 minute workout feeling like I spent an hour in the gym.
  • Wednesday-30 minute training run. This one went better than Monday's. Much better.
  • Thursday-Regular gym workout. 30 minutes of upper body strength and 30 minutes of cardio.
  • Friday-Rest day
  • Saturday-Training run on the treadmill. This actually went well, considering that I hate treadmills. I got an idea of my time (about 14 minutes/mile, not terrible, considering I've never really run before). I probably won't do this too often, since I want to keep the running to the outdoors. I also did a regular strength training workout. 
  • Sunday-Regular 30 minutes of cardio. 

I'll be starting week 2 of the C25K tomorrow. I find that my body is adapting to regular running pretty fast. I could totally become addicted to this. Actually, I already am.

That's all for now! Have a great day, everyone!


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  1. I'm so glad you're getting into the running groove! I'm just starting this week with C25k and am so nervous! I've done it once before, but it's still an adjustment to run outside.

    WE can do this! We'll both be running that Fitbloggin 5k in September ;)