Sunday, April 29, 2012

5K Training: Week 6

Hi, all! It's hard to believe I'm just 20 days away from my first 5K! Two months ago, I decided, kind of impulsively, to do this. Little did I know that this journey would be a test, both mentally and physically. And it's not over yet. I still have two more weeks of training to go before the race.

I know whatever I run will automatically be a personal best, but I'm aiming to finish in about 40 minutes. If I run the whole thing, that's awesome. However, I've also come to peace with taking walk breaks if need be. This is my race, and I need to complete it with how I feel comfortable doing so. It's my first race, and while I have a specific time goal, my main goal is to cross that finish line, which I WILL do!

That's all from me. Have a good week!


1 comment:

  1. It's getting SO CLOSE!!!

    I'm re-starting c25k this week (jesus i feel like i've said that phrase about a million times in the past year!) and i can't wait to run the Fitbloggin 5k with ya! :)