Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Goal Recap

This is the first of two posts tonight. I'm having such a thrilling New Year's Eve, can't you tell? ;-)

For those who see my Instagram posts in some capacity (either on Instagram itself or on Facebook and/or Twitter), you may remember me posting this in the beginning of the month:

So, how did I do in December? Well, here it goes...

1) 31 for 31 on the gallon of water drinking! It was tougher some days more
    than others, but I did it! I felt so much better too! Proof that you don't           really need all that sugar crap in your system. Plain water will do you fine.

2) Still tracking! Made it 121 straight days today! This has become a habit           now! I know I'm three months into maintenance, but I still like to see what     I've done. Plus, having friends on MyFitnessPal helps for accountability. ;-)

3) I didn't blog on December 1, but I have every week since. So I'll call this a

4) I rocked this month! I did gain two pounds after a one pound loss, but I
    wound up breaking even. Huge victory for sure!

5) FAIL! I'm in the middle of a move, and haven't had time or energy to put         into soup making. Maybe in February, after we're all settled in the new           house?

Overall, I feel GREAT about everything I did in December! I wasn't perfect, but then again, nobody said I had to be. I know I accomplished more than I did if I DIDN'T set goals at all. Hey, it's all about progress, right?

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