Sunday, December 29, 2013

Three Months After Goal: Yes, It's Still Amazing

Happy Holidays, friends! Hope you all enjoyed the season and that reality hasn't slapped you too hard in the face yet.

Speaking of the holidays, it tends to be carb overload. All sorts of sweets, potatoes and bread at every meal, and if you're like my family, bagels for Christmas breakfast. Yes, I had my share of everything, but for the most part, stayed in control throughout the festivities (minus two brownies on Wednesday).

Sure enough, it all paid off. On Saturday (my three month goal-versary), I weighed in, and I was still sitting at 145. Three months after hitting goal, and I was still there. Pretty awesome, huh?

I'd be lying if I said these last three months were easy. It has been anything but. After a few weeks, I found out that the lowest number I hit (142, three pounds lighter than I am now and four pounds below my original goal) would not be the one my body would want to maintain. I was upset with this, but relized that my body is happy where it is, plus I still look and feel great. I also have spent a good chunk of time figuring out what I needed to do to maintain instead of lose.

I also admit that there are moments where I'm still in a "I really did this?!" frame of mind. People have told me that I will have those moments for some time. It did take me four years (plus some time) to make this happen, and that something this big that took that long will have those kind of moments. I think that I will still be amazed for a long time because the process itself was amazing. I found strength that I didn't know I had, plus made so many awesome friends along this journey.

At the same time, I'm sure that I'll continue to experience hard moments throughout my maintenance journey. The losing part wasn't easy, so the maintenance won't  either. Personally, I think that this process is hard so that anyone who goes through it not only becomes stronger as a result, but is more thankful for what comes out of it. I know I am in more ways than one. I became stronger (both mentally and physically) and so happy with myself for the first time in a long time!

No matter what, I'll always be glad I went through this as well as how I did it. I went slow, but as you can tell, the weight is staying off, and I am confident that it will for a long time.

I'm still going strong after three months and life feels pretty amazing! Best. Feeling. Ever.

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