Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weight Loss and Maintenance: It's NOT a Straight Line

Throughout my four year weight loss journey, and two months into maintenance, I've learned one thing (even if I didn't learn anything else):

This path is not a straight line. In fact, it's anything but that.

Yes, I realize that I am a weight-loss/healthy living blogger who became a success story, but the truth is that there are times when I still don't have everything figured out.

When I was in the "losing" stage, there were times I would plateau, or even gain. Admittedly, I would feel like a failure and like I would never get to goal. Eventually, I would figure things out and get back on a downward track again.

The worst was when I got hurt last summer, gained six pounds in two weeks, and felt beyond miserable. I beat myself up for letting it happen and then realized in a few weeks, I would (slowly) be on the losing track again. Sure enough, I was right. I got back in the gym, eased myself into my normal routine again, and was back on the right track. Okay, maybe it took two months to get back to that pre-injury weight, but I didn't let myself quit!

Maintenance has been kind of the same thing. I've heard that it's harder to maintain than it is to lose. Two months in, and it is so true! I feel like I had a little more frustration in the early stages of maintenance, mostly with trying to find my "footing" as well as what I could realistically maintain.

After nearly a month, and about a three pound gain, I found it. I may have hit a low of 142, but realized that my body did not like that number. It wanted those extra three pounds back. At first, I was frustrated. I busted my ass for an awesome number, and felt like my body was rebelling. I soon found out that it was ME that was rebelling. I realized that my body liked 145, and that going against that was making me miserable.

Long story short, I accepted what my body was telling me, realized that I am still awesome, and that I CAN maintain this for life! I found something that I can work with and what works for me.

In my case, it's continuing to track, limit the sweets and soups, and keep kicking ass at the gym.

I realize that the process of losing and maintaining that loss doesn't get easier with time. If it did, I'm pretty sure just about anyone could do it. What does get easier is keeping a mindset of not giving up and finding what works.

How about you? Has your path been a windy road like mine?

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  1. It's been a rollercoaster of a windy road. I have had too many injuries and sicknesses and everything else. i'm constantly up down, all around, turn, twist and then a sudden stop.