Monday, April 21, 2014

Friend Makin' Mondays: Daily Routines

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you are getting back to normal after the chocolate and Peep binges yesterday (if you partook, which I did not).
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Daily Routines
1.Do you eat breakfast each day? If so what?
I usually eat Van's whole grain mini waffles with a tablespoon of Crazy Richard's peanut butter. Once in awhile, I'll get oatmeal or a bagel out, but those days are rare anymore.
2. How do you commute to work/school and how long does it take?
My dad drives me to work since I share the car with my parents. It's usually a 15 minute ride.
3. What is the first website you go to each day?
4. Do you check email/facebook/twitter before you get out of bed?
It depends on the day. Most mornings, I won't, and just check while I'm eating breakfast. Others, mostly weekends, I will.
5. Do you take lunch to works/school from home?
No. I work in a restaurant, and usually get something from work.
6. What time do you normally finish work/get home?
I usually get off around 2, home by 3.
7. Do you tend to plan your evening meals in advance or do you grab something on your way home?
Again, this depends on the day. Some days, I'll grab something. Others, I plan to make something. I need to get a little more consistent with the planning though.
8. What do you typically do in the evening to relax?
Listen to music or watch TV. I so need to do this most, if not every, night though. I would also like to start reading again.
9. Do you fit exercise into your daily routine, if so how?
I work out in some form five days a week. I'm getting better about planning my workouts, and make the most out of them!
10. If you had an extra hour in your day what would you do with it?
SLEEP! I don't get enough, and would so love an extra hour!
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Have a great week!

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  1. Sounds like you have a great well organized schedule