Monday, April 14, 2014

Friend Makin' Mondays: Favorite Things

Hi, everyone! These days are just flying by, aren't they? I can't believe that Sunday is Easter already! Wow!
Anyway, here is this week's Friend Makin' Monday Post. I got these questions from Sarah over at Losing Weight and Having Fun, but they originally came from Stephanie at Athlete at Heart. So, here are my favorite things!
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Favorite things.
1. Favorite color? (be specific… what shade of blue/green/red etc)
My favorite color is orange. The brighter the orange, the better!
2. Favorite piece of clothing you own?
My Carl Hagelin Rangers player T-shirt...hehe. Seriously, my fav NON-sports piece would have to be my Old Navy skinny jeans. They go with just about anything and I feel amazing in them!
3. Favorite smartphone app?
Pandora. I can listen to whatever type of music suits my mood at the time, no matter what I already have downloaded!
4. Favorite city?
Baltimore. It's a fun city, with a lot to do, but not as overwhelming as, say, New York. I went there for Fitbloggin' 2012 and had a blast!
5. Favorite strength training exercise?
Rows. There are so many variations on them that I could probably do a whole workout with just rows! My favs are the deadrows though. Holy back muscles!
6. Favorite vegetable?
Spinach, especially raw. I could eat a bowl of that and be happy.
7. Favorite hair product? (shampoo, styling, conditioner etc)
Tea Tree shampoo. I love how it smells, but sadly, I can't afford too much of it. Professional products are a tad bit too expensive for me. =/
8. Favorite animal?
Lions! My high school and college mascots were lions, plus I always love how pretty they look but how fierce they can be. Oh, and Alex is my favorite character in the Madagascar movies. ;-)
9. Favorite superhero?
Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles. Yes, I am a Disney/Pixar nut. No, I don't care.
10. Favorite recipe? (share the details with us)
The southern unfried chicken from The Runner's World Cookbook. Basically breaded and baked chicken with a KICK to it! Either buy the book or Google it to get the full recipe. I'm too lazy to post it ;-)
That's all from me! Have a great week, everyone!


  1. I love the smell of tea tree shampoo too. Are you going to fitbloggin this year? I will be there :)