Sunday, July 27, 2014

If Only People Knew...

This post is going to be a little ranty. You've been warned.

Since hitting my goal weight ten months ago (That long already? Wow.), I've gotten more than my share of "If I was your size..."

Let me just say one thing (okay, scream): YOU HAVE NO F&*KING IDEA WHAT IT TOOK TO GET TO BE THIS SIZE!!

Whew. That feels better.

Seriously though, I wish people did know what it took.

They have no idea about the sacrifices that I had to make in terms of both food (not being able to eat what I want when I want) as well as time (two hours in the gym when I would rather be chilling).

Nor do they know that being my size will be a battle forever. I probably won't drink soda ever again (as much as I want a root or eat bread bowls of soup whenever I want (third of my day's calories and then some). In addition, I will probably have to keep busting my ass at the gym when I would rather be home watching NCIS reruns.

Do I get jealous of people who seem to be able to eat what they want and not break out into a sweat yet don't gain an ounce? Sadly, yes. I wish was one of those people.

However, I think that if I was, I wouldn't be as thankful for the body I have now. Nor would I be as proud of it. So what if I don't have a "perfect" bikini body or a thigh gap? I busted my ass for five years for this body! It's real, it's mine, and I'm damn proud of it!

So, next time people say "If I was your size...", I will simply think to myself that I'm glad that I am my size and will keep doing what it takes to stay there.

Oh, and I will probably never say that to anyone again.

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