Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Accepting Compliments: Struggling But Getting Better

At times, more often than any of us who've been through weight loss of any proportion would like to admit, there is always some sort of struggle. It can be mental, physical, emotional, or a combo of the three. 

Personally, even in maintenance, I've seen my share of the three. It will always be there, and I can only do my best to not let it get the best of me.

However, there is something I still struggle with to this day: accepting compliments!

Yes, I still don't believe that people actually say nice things about me. Anywhere. Anytime.

For example, I remember when we got audited at work in March, and the manager we were training told me that the auditor said I blew them away (in a good way, of course). My response: "I did?" Yup, the little bit of doubt popped into my head, and negated what was something that should have been awesome to hear.

Another time was when I raced the George Sheehan Classic 5K back in June and had my worst race ever. People were telling me that I did a good job for finishing a tough race in hot and humid conditions, but all I saw was my time, and kept coming down on myself for being as slow as I was.

Plus, all the time in the gym and the few occasions I go out, people keep telling me I look good. I say "Thanks," but really think to myself "Okay..." Again, self-doubt popping into my head.

I've come to the conclusion that I am my own worst enemy. I have more self-doubt and come down on myself so hard that it's crazy.

In a way, that is a good thing. I come down on myself for stuff that I know I can do better, and as a result, have gotten stronger, at least a little.

But for the most part, it just gets in the way. 

I found this quote on Pinterest, and I think it pretty much says it all.


I need to love (and stop underestimating) myself before I can see the love that the rest of the world has for me. Well, the part of the world that matters. ;-)

I'm starting to get better with the self-love. A week or two ago, I wore a top that wasn't too loose to the gym, and felt AMAZING in it! I even took a mirror pic (which I normally hate, for other reasons) to show how happy I felt! 

Now I just need to work on that more of the time!

I won't be perfect with this, but I can keep moving forward and love myself more. The more I love myself, the more that I can see the love everyone else has for me.

I'm actually thinking of making that a challenge in September (again). I found one on Pinterest (of course), and plan on rocking it! More details on that to follow!

For tonight, I will end with a positive self-affirmation: I am amazing. I have done awesome things. I love myself for all that I am. 

How about YOU? Do you struggle with accepting compliments?

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  1. Hmm... I struggle with accepting them in the right way. <33 I think accepting compliments is definitely an art. :))