Monday, December 21, 2015

#MotivateMe Monday: A Monday Off and Other Happenings

How are we at Christmas week already? If the weather is as wonky as it is here in Jersey, it doesn't feel like it! It was a bit chilly this weekend (by which I mean temps in the 40's), but will be 60 again by Christmas Day! Not complaining though, since I'm not a huge fan of the cold. ;-)

Since it's Monday (and I forgot last week), it's time for #MotivateMe Monday! To join on the fun, link up at Janice and Rachel's blogs! =)

I worked on Saturday morning (long story that I don't want to get into here), so I missed my morning classes at the gym. Instead of doing nothing, since that would pretty much be a cop-out, I went to the gym after work and banged out my Rock n' Roll Bonus Track Virtual Run, complete with #WeRunSocial gear. ;-)

Not the best I've done, but given that I was on tired legs, and dealing with a sore hip, I'll take it! If you love virtual races, go for this one! It's only $25 (including processing), you can run ANY distance from now until New Year's Eve, and the medal is awesome! Check it out here!

Yesterday was uneventful. Gym, laundry, and watching the Giants, Dolphins, and Rangers ALL lose. All I want for Christmas is one of them to win. That's not asking too much, right?

Since I worked Saturday, I was off today. I decided to hold off on my workout until tonight (Monday night Fight has become my jam again!), since my sister is also off. The two of us went to this new local place called Meemom's for brunch. Totally worth it! I got the Peppermint Bark French toast, which had vanilla bean marscapone, dark chocolate peppermint drizzle, powdered sugar, and white chocolate shavings. All washed down with a Thin Mint latte. Um, totally amazeballs.

The sissy got The Big Bun, which is a cinnamon roll served French toast style. As she put it, "That was yummy."

Okay, so the fun is over for a few days. Time to buckle down and get back at it! Here's the workout plan for this week:

Monday: Core and Fight
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: Ride and Power
Thursday: REST
Friday: Short run or REST
Saturday: Ride, Core, and possible Centergy
Sunday: R30 and Power

As for food, I'm not too worried. I plan on sticking to my normal way of eating and limiting the treats as much as possible. After brunch this morning, I think I'm good for a few days there. ;-)

Have a great holiday week, everyone! 

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