Monday, March 18, 2013

2013 Spring Into Summer 5K Training: Week 1

Hi, all! Last week was crazy, but I managed to get some solid training in! My knee did hit a sore spot on Friday, but after a few days rest, it was fine and I was able to get going again!

Monday: Core+Kick

Two weeks ago, I said I was going to give up kick until after my 5K. However, since I decided to postpone training for a week, I did my regular Monday doubleheader of core and kick. Totally worth it.

Tuesday: Strength Training+Spin (90 minutes)+Core

I got off of work at 4 on Tuesday, and didn't feel like going home before my spin class at 6, so I went to the gym to squeeze in some weight training before the class. Well, one spin class turned into a spin and a half, since my gym now offers a 30 minute spin. I was surging throughout the second class, and the momentum went with me into core!

Wednesday: REST

Only day off work, so I took the day off from exercise too.

Thursday: C25K Week 2, Day 1

First training run, and while it was windier than I thought it would be, I pushed through and ran 2.91 miles in 40:12 (13:48/mile). My first time running negative splits EVER! While my pace was not where I hoped it would be, I made improvements on my first post-injury run in February (2 miles in 30 minutes). I'll take it.

Friday: REST

My knee was giving me some issues, so I took an unplanned rest day.

Saturday: REST

Knee was feeling better, but I still took the extra rest day. Plus, I had laundry to do. What fun. =P

Sunday: C25K Week 2, Day 2.

Not windy at all outside, plus I wanted to let out some of the energy that had built up over the last two days! This run was 10 minutes shorter than Thursday's, but my pace was faster. I completed 2.43 miles in 30:02 (12:21/mile). Not all negative splits, but I was still happy with the pace. I also ran my fastest mile in nearly a year at 11:41! 

I have a feeling that if my knee wasn't bothering me, I could have done a second strength training session, and possibly gotten another run/cross-training session in. Still, despite that, and a six day work week, I'm very happy with my progress this week. The downside to not having a regular work schedule is having to figure out when to fit everything in! I think that as training goes on, I'll become better at that. 

Here's to an awesome second week!

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