Sunday, March 24, 2013

2013 Spring Into Summer 5K Training: Week 2

This week was not a good week at all. Only one run this week, and three days of working out in total. I had a crazy week at work, and when I wasn't working, my body was telling me to rest, and I listened. Anyway, here's a recap of the week:

Monday: 2.4 mile run (AM) + 30 Day Shred Level 3 (PM)

Only run this week (FAIL!), and it was so-so. I ran the same distance as I did on Sunday, but the pace was about 30 seconds a mile slower. Conditions were a little less than favorable on Monday though (about 15 degrees colder with heavier wind). I wasn't feeling the gym, so I popped in my 30 Day Shred disc, and still got my ass kicked on Level 3. Worth it though!

Tuesday: Spin (90 minutes) + Weights + Core

Tuesdays have become my "Spin and a Half" nights. I had the same rush as I did last Tuesday, and the feeling was amazing! After the spin classes, I did a core class.

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: REST

Wednesday and Friday's were planned, but Thursday's was not. Thursday was supposed to be a running day, but my body decided it didn't want to get up to go running before work. I took this a sign that I needed more rest, so I listened to this. Good thing I did. I ended up working back to back 11 hour shifts on Thursday and Friday. =P

Saturday: Weights + Spin + Core

I took Saturday off work to go to a family party in the afternoon, so I took the morning for myself and went to spin! I also did weights before the class, and did a core class after.

Sunday: REST

Another unplanned rest day. Everything caught up to me, and I just crashed when I got home from work this afternoon. Epic fail.

I take full accountability for not accomplishing everything I planned on this week. Yes, it was crazy, but I could have still gotten some sort of run out today. However, I have become better at listening to my body, and it was telling me to rest more this week. Six weeks to the race, and I honestly don't feel ready for it. However, six weeks is still a lot of time, and I believe I can make good progress in that time.

Have a good week, everyone!

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