Thursday, March 14, 2013

2013 Spring Into Summer 5K Training Plan

Yes, my friends and readers! The comeback is FINALLY in motion!

Six and a half months since I got injured and nine months after my last (and heartbreaking) 5K, I am in training for my comeback race: the Spring Into Summer 5K on May 4! This was the race I trained so hard for last year, and it is the one where my current PR stands!

I was going to start training earlier this week, but my work schedule is insane this week and I realized that I wouldn't be able to fully commit to the running. While it has been several months since I ran consistently, I did start running again back in January and logged a few runs in the last two months. I'm not entirely starting from scratch either, since I ran last year, but it's more about getting speed and stamina back. Still a work in progress, but I think that I should be back to where I was last year within seven weeks.

I have a training plan, but like life itself, nothing is set in stone. So, I'll just give you all the basics:

  • Three days of running. I am going back to C25K, which is only three runs a week averaging 30 minutes at a time. Totally doable. =)
  • One or two cardio cross-training days. I do at least one spin class a week, so that will stay. If I'm feeling up to it, and if the week allows, I will add another spin class or kickboxing (I seriously have a problem here. I can't stay away from kick!). If I'm not up to the second day of CT, I will take an extra rest day.
  • Two or three core classes. They're only 30 minutes each, and core work is huge!
  • Two strength training days. I've been doing two days on the weights a week lately, and it works for me. Don't fix what's not broken, right?
  • Two rest days. This is a MUST! Honestly, I would love to be working out six days a week, but given that I do have a sensitive knee, I have to be careful, and two rest days are needed.
Whew! That's a lot for even me to take in! Still, I am going to put my heart and soul into this and make sure that my comeback race is everything I hope for it to be! Hopefully, I can even get some redemption for last June!

Are you currently training for anything this spring? Or making a comeback yourself?


  1. Good luck! I'm sure you will do fine.

    I'm on my third comeback in a year. It's been a rough 2012. My first marathon is in October.

    1. Wow! 2012 just took me for a wild ride, in both good and bad ways. Good luck to you!

  2. Are you going to Fitblogging Conference this year?

    1. Sadly, I'm not going to Fitbloggin this year. Portland is a little too expensive for me to get to. =(