Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Goodbye, Running

After letting this sink in for about two days, I finally decided to blog about it.

I'm leaving the sport of running after my 5K on May 4.

This decision was not an easy one at all. In fact, I was hoping that this race would spring my comeback to the sport after almost a year away. However, after a training run on Monday, I realized that the passion just isn't there like it was a year ago. It might be partially due to the knee, and partially because I've found so much else I love fitness-wise, but I'm just not into running like I was when I first started.

You may call me a quitter or say that I just didn't give myself a chance to come back. Honestly, I actually find myself stressed out over training for ONE 3.1 mile race and bored when I run. I'm actually glad I realized this now, when I'm training for a shorter distance rather than going further and making this discovery when I already paid for and started training for, say, a half-marathon. 

Over the last year, I have realized that not everything is for everyone. My body simply isn't built for running or cardio dance (as I found out the hard way). I have found my true fitness loves in cardio kickboxing and spinning, so I'll stick with those. I would rather invest my time and energy into my passion rather than pass it with something that feels more like a chore.

Maybe I'll revisit the sport, maybe not. Either way, I feel like I made the right decision, and have no regrets with at least giving myself the chance to try becoming a runner.

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