Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fitbloggin 2012: Friday Continued

After a crazy week here, I'm getting back to writing Fitbloggin recaps! I know it's been two weeks since the conference ended, but I'll still write them! =)

After the presentations ended, there was a break of almost two hours for dinner before the keynote. Before we went out (a whole bunch of us were going to a salad place down the street from the hotel), I had drinks with Emily (Fit and Free) and Emily (runningknitwit) to celebrate the first's sixty day binge-free success! (P.S.-The pic is also courtesy of her!) =D

                         (me, @runningknitwit, @FitandFree Emily)

While they had "actual" drinks, I was trying to stay alcohol free for the weekend (This didn't work; more on that in Saturday's post), so I had a strawberry lemonade, which I was craving for a few days. It totally hit the spot! =)

After our drinks, we headed over to Nature's Table for dinner. It turns out this place had so much more than salads! There were sandwiches, wraps, and even rice bowls! I stuck with one of my favs: a big chicken Caesar salad. Before I went back to the hotel, I got a cup of fro-yo to satisfy my sweet tooth. ;-)

Once we were all back at the hotel, it was keynote time. Well, once they got past the techincal difficulties, and after Roni (@RoniNoone, otherwise known as the mastermind behind Fitbloggin) announced that next year's conference will be in Portland (looking like a no-go for me, sadly). 

The keynote this year was different than in the past. This year it was 14 different speakers who had five minute long PowerPoint presentations on all sorts of social networking/healthy living topics. The presentations ranged from a mom training for a triathalon (@christieo), to raising "locavores" (@lifelynstyle), and of course Jack's (@JackSht) hilarious "smack attack" complete with exploding Coke at the end. (Full list of speakers can be found here.) However, it was Hank (@losing100pounds) at the end that had the most hilarious, but awesome presentation. He used Paint to draw all of his slides. I managed to get a pic of one of them:

Once Hank's presentation ended, that ended the events for the night. However, there was an after-party of sorts in the hotel bar with a good chunk of the convention. I had my second strawberry lemonade of the day. ;-) After about two hours of mingling with everyone, it was off to bed for what would be a just as packed second day of events!

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