Friday, October 19, 2012

Fitbloggin 2012: Saturday

Hard to believe it's been a full month since Fitbloggin already! Time does fly!

Anyway, I guess this means I need to finish the recapping, huh? Well, here's Saturday's!

Like Friday, Saturday started bright and early. However, I would be participating in the scheduled workouts (thanks to some motivation and encouragement)! So, it was downstairs to the conference rooms for JumpSport's Bounce Camp!

If this picture was any indication, the room was PACKED! It turns out there were over 100 people signed up for the class, but only 67(I think) trampolines. So, we had to pair up with another person, and alternate doing workouts on the trampoline and on the floor. The trampoline stuff was kind of basic (bouncing, turns, jump squats, etc). The floor stuff ranged from squats, burpees, planks, and the like. After the hour was up, I was sore, but felt GREAT! My first full workout since I got hurt and I LOVED IT!!

After the workout, it was time for breakfast. There was an oatmeal bar, with all the fixings, plus yogurt. Yummy! =)

Shortly after breakfast, it was ZUMBA TIME with the awesome Sue (@MrsFatAss) and Sam (@SimplifyingSam)! I had been dying to try Zumba, but never had the guts to, until Fitbloggin. It was hard to believe I almost missed this workout too. It started off okay, since I was able to go slow with my lower body. However, it got to the point where my lower and upper bodies were no longer in sync, so I spent the rest of the class focusing on the upper. It was also a blast!

After the Zumba class, I took a break from the conference activities for a bit. It was at this point I went to the Reebok booth and got my picture with the "I love fitness" sign. I got a free pair of socks too!

I ran and got lunch early (chicken Caesar salad), before going to the awesome Alicia's (@poiseinparma) presentation! 

This presentation was all about taking your online community offline. In other words: blogger meetups! Since relationships are harder to form as adults, these meetups are a way to get to know other people like us. Alicia also gave us a "How To" of sorts as to organizing events. She also gave us tips as to what to expect when planning/participating in these events. I can tell you that I am thinking about doing a meetup in my area. Maybe not in the near future, but soon enough. =) (P.S.- Alicia rocked the presentation! =D)

Lunch came after Alicia's presentation ended. I had my salad, since I heard that lunch was salmon and hummus sandwiches (stuff I don't eat), and we got even MORE swag! This batch was from PuraVit, and was a cute tank top (Mine said "Sweat. It's liquid awesome.") with a jumbo tote bag, plus a coupon to try their fitness clothing site.

Before we broke up for the afternoon presentations, it was time for the annual group picture! Since there were so many of us, they had to take the picture in quadrants, and paste it altogether on the website. Here it is:
(Pic from size pic is there)

The group pic meant the end of the lunch hour, and time for the afternoon presentations to begin!

The first I went to was Meegan (@redstar5) and Tara (@tidbits_of_tara)'s discussion titled "When You Have a Lot to Lose". Even though I don't have as much to lose at this point, I still went to the session and it really did hit home for me, probably more than Friday's. I stuggled myself for so long with being overweight/obese, and it actually wasn't until Robby (@FatGirlVsWorld) mentioned that she couldn't remember a time when she wasn't overweight that I realized I didn't either. Now, coming back from an injury, I do feel like I'm starting over, to an extent. Yes, it was only a sprain, but it's still taking time to rebuild everything I worked so hard for three years to get up to. I realized that I didn't gain weight overnight, didn't lose it overnight, so I won't recover 100% overnight either. Like most people in the room, I ended the session in tears.

After Meegan and Tara's presentation ended, I took another break from the conference activities. This time, I got dressed for the evening reception before the last presentation of the conference, so I could go right to dinner from the presentation. I brought one dress with me, and while it was a little casual, I rocked it and basically screamed: "I'm sexy and I know it!" (Pic to follow-as soon as I can find it on my SD card =P)

The last presentation of the conference was Kelly's (@KellyOlexa) on monetizing the brand. While I write this little blog simply to get my story out there, it was still an informative presentation. There was quite a bit about using social media to interact with companies, as well as being yourself. 

Once Kelly's presentation ended, we broke up for dinner. I went with a group of people to a restaurant down the street from the hotel called Kona Grill. It was a sushi place, with sort of a Hawaiian flair. I had the BBQ Chicken flatbread. Two words to describe it: spicy and huge. The thing was at least a foot long by six inches wide! I only ate half of it, and got full. Wow. Sign of the times. I used to be able to eat a whole one (or something similar) and still eat an entree.

Once we got back to the hotel, it was reception time! We each got a complementary drink, and I decided to take advantage. Since the bar in the room didn't have Malibu rum (I wanted a bay breeze), I settled for a Miller Lite. Unilever sponsored the reception, and was passing out samples of all sorts of appetizers/desserts that you can serve at holiday parties. Mostly, it was a time to mingle with the other attendees, plus photo ops! (I'll have a separate post with all my pics)

The reception ended around 9, but several people were going to the Hooters across the street from the hotel because it was Sue's birthday, and she wanted wings and to watch the Michigan football game. So, I hopped over and joined the party! Oh, I finally got my Bay Breeze! ;-) I nibbled some wings and fries, but kept in control of what I was eating. On another note, Michigan lost the game. =(

I stayed for awhile over there, but eventually, I was getting tired (shocking, I know), and went back to the hotel. It was hard to believe that this was the last night of the conference already! As fast as it came, it went that much faster! 

Sunday recap to follow...

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