Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fitbloggin 2012: Sunday

It's been exactly a month since Fitbloggin ended, so I decided today is the day to finally wrap up the recapping!

The only major event on Sunday was the 5K. Before I got hurt, I was planning on running. I ended up skipping both that and the one mile walk, since I was sore and still had to pack before the train left. I did, however, photo bomb the runner's photo. Hey, it's not a complete weekend without a photo bomb. ;-)

After the runners went off, I went upstairs to pack up before breakfast. While part of me was ready to come home, I didn't want the weekend to end! It was so much fun! Well, it was all fun and games until I tried to pack up the swag! It seemed at every turn, we were getting stuff that weekend. I left a good chunk of it behind, since my bags were already bursting at the seams. 

Once I was all packed up, it was time to get some Starbucks (I stuck with a skinny vanilla latte) before going to breakfast. Since this was the last meal of the weekend, it was just continental (bagel thins, yogurt, fruit, etc). Like the rest of the weekend, I spent more time mingling than eating. I would end up regretting not eating so much later on.

After the runners all came back, people started to leave. After some last good-byes, I went back up to the room, got some final pictures, cleaned up the room, and made my way to get a cab to head to the train station. There weren't really too many people left, so I decided to leave, despite my train not leaving for two hours.

Once I was at the train station, it was just a matter of killing time and fighting tears (you read that right) before my train. Eventually, I made my way to the platform, and began my journey home.

Sure enough, once I was on the train for a little bit, I started to cry. I know the whole "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." thing, but part of me couldn't help it. Eventually, my tears subsided, and I started to get excited for going home.

After a two and a half hour ride, I got into New York, and barely made my second train. If there was any sign that the weekend was really over, this was it. 

Soon enough, I was back in Middletown. My parents picked me up at the train station, and asked me what I wanted for dinner. The first thing that popped into my head was Chili's, a clear sign I learned nothing at this convention. (Kidding!)

After a day of traveling with really nothing to eat (I couldn't get anything in between trains because of time), I enjoyed it, but didn't go crazy. I had two mozzarella sticks, a steak, plain mashed potatoes, and broccoli. It totally hit the spot! =)

After dinner, I got a cup of pumpkin Italian ice before going food shopping. Yup, back to reality. Almost. I didn't have work again until Tuesday, so I was able to soak everything in for a day, as well as catch up on SLEEP! One thing that almost no one mentions about Fitbloggin is the lack of sleep! 

Those four days were the time of my life! I was with an entire community of people who are like me! While no two journeys are exactly alike, everyone is on the track to a life of healthy living!

Here's to Fitbloggin 2013 in Portland (I hope)!

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