Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two Month Post-Injury Update

Hi, all! I actually wrote this post on Friday (10/26) because a hurricane forecasted to hit my area within the next few days, and if I lose power, I will have no Internet access for days. =P It's only live today because I scheduled it to do so. ;-)

Anyway, I never did a recap for my first month post-injury, partially because I was still coming down from a Fitbloggin high, partially because I really didn't have much to say ("My brace came off! I rock!" doesn't mean much), and partially because I honestly just didn't think of it.

However, I have quite a bit to say two months after I got hurt, so here goes...

I went back to the gym on September 24, the day after I got home from Baltimore and about three and a half weeks after I got hurt. I still wasn't able to do much, but I was able to do a 30 minute group core class with modifications, and 30 minutes on the treadmill. I was close to staying for the group kick class I love, but I knew it was too soon to handle that much impact. 

I did do a Zumba class at my gym a few days after that, and while I enjoyed the class, I still don't feel 100% comfortable in any type of dance class (It was a groove class where I got hurt, after all), and probably won't for awhile. At first, this honestly depressed me, but I realized that I never was the most graceful person, and there are other workouts besides cardio dance that I love and can do without so much worry. 

About two weeks later, I started my spin classes again. While my riding legs are coming back, this is taking longer than I originally thought it was going to. Then again, this is partially because I was just starting to develop momentum in spin when I got hurt. So, in more ways than one, I have to start from scratch. These first few classes are feeling like my first ones ever, but I know I will get to where I was, and get even stronger.

As for my true love, cardio kickboxing, I am FINALLY back to that! I've only done two classes so far, and I have to modify a good chunk of it, but it feels good to be doing the class I was afraid to try but fell in love with again! My first class back kind of felt like my first kick ever, but I'm gaining back momentum kind of fast. This one will be a once a week class for now, but I hope to be able to do two a week again.

Mentally, these last two months have been a lot of rebuilding. The two weeks after I got hurt, I gained six pounds. Naturally, I freaked. I started blaming myself for letting everything happen, but realized that this was an accident, and I couldn't necessarily predict my body moving out of place at that moment. 

As much as I've struggled with getting hurt, I think I came out of it stronger. Mentally, I realized I am stronger than I think. I didn't give up on my journey, and I can't let my injury force me to do so. Sure, I have to go a little slower and modify workouts, but I get in there and keep moving! One of the songs in my spin class is "Titanium" by David Guetta and Sia, which is one of my favorite songs, and has taken on new meaning since I got hurt, especially the line that goes "You shoot me down, but I won't fall. I am titanium." I was shot down, but I got up. Oh, and I'll keep getting stronger as time moves on!

Marching on, one step at a time! ;-)


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