Monday, July 13, 2015

Fitbloggin' 2015: The Workouts

How has it been two weeks since Fitbloggin' ended? I still feel like it just happened! 

This is my second recap, and in this one I'll be writing about the workouts!

I actually got to participate in several this year, as I wasn't injured, and while they were different from what I normally do, I had a blast!


  • Early Morning Bootcamp with Erin! Originally, I wasn't planning on the early workouts, but then realized that this is Fitbloggin', and nobody sleeps much. So off to bootcamp I went. It was awesome! It was all indoors, since it rained early in the morning, but it was still a great workout! We did warm-up moves as we introduced ourselves, then moved into resistance band moves that used the band in pretty much any way possible, from bicep curls to presses to partner moves holding the band while wall sitting. Of course, there was running too. What bootcamp doesn't have that? I ended the workout feeling amazing! Not a bad way to start the conference, right? 

Erin and me! Of course you know I had to sparkle my way through bootcamp! 
  • Zumba! Okay, you know I am NOT a dancer of any kind. But I know Zumba is a tradition at Fitbloggin', and it was in Baltimore where I did my first class. Nellie and Co. were awesome, and while I wouldn't call myself the best at it, it was an enjoyable class. I wouldn't say that Fitbloggin' has made me a Zumba addict, but I think that I will do the class every year at the conference. 


  • Glider Yoga with Sweat Pink. Definitely not your traditional yoga class. Half of the class was done high intensity interval style (HIIT) on the glider plates. Push-ups on the plates are no joke, and I think I did some on my knees as a result. The mountain climbers were also tough. After the HIIT part was over, it was time for the traditional yoga flow. Now we're talking! I am more than familiar with this kind of stuff as I do a class called Centergy (basically a mix of yoga and Pilates). Again, I did what I could, but wasn't afraid to modify either (low lunges on my knees, for example), and was more than happy to lay in corpse pose at the end. It was different than what I'm used to with the Centergy, but not unfamiliar. I enjoyed the class, although it will be awhile before I do anything on plates again.
  • High Intensity Interval Training with Jacklyn Ho. I missed the sign-up for the Yoga on the Roof (as I was ironically in the gym that night), so I decided to check out the HIIT class. I normally don't do these kind of workouts, so it was an interesting experience for sure. There were cardio moves (high knees) mixed with body weight strength moves (squats, push-ups, etc) done circuit-style. I liked this one, and plan on doing some HIIT work once my racing is done for the season in October.
I am so happy that I got to do the "fit" part of Fitbloggin' this time more than I did three years ago! I tried things that I normally wouldn't, and actually enjoyed them! I wouldn't say that I'm a total bootcamp or Zumba fanatic, but it gave me a different perspective on working out, and made me realize that I can do almost anything I put my mind to! 

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